Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coupons & Cute Stuff

I caught a moment or two of Dr. Phil a few weeks ago. A woman was on talking about how to save money with coupons. I've met a few people locally who are majorly into coupons, with binders, lists of stores, etc. That is how the woman on Dr. Phil was. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical. I always had the impression that you really wouldn't save with coupons, because you'd have to buy the major brands, which would end up more expensive in the long run. Well, I have been proven wrong by Ashley at Frugal Coupon Living. I have been following her blog, making note of the ways to save the most money; clipping and printing coupons; and shopping. I think because I was so excited to be saving money, I actually bought more groceries than I usually do, so that when I look at our money program, the graph shows that I've spent the same in groceries this month as I did last month. The difference is, our cabinets are full, our fridge is full, and we are eating delicious foods, at low prices. I also got two 500 pg reams of Hammermill paper from Staples for $2.00, using a rebate form. Some other good deals too. I didn't realize how much I could save, and on things I actually need and use! Philip & Tyler have been helping me cut my printable and newspaper coupons & have quickly caught on that they can benefit from this whole deal too! We've gotten about 6 boxes of Tony's Frosted Flakes in the last few weeks. I think I spent about $6.00 total on them too! There are healthful food coupons and even organic ones too. You'll have to check out my link above, or click on the Frugal Coupon Living box on the right of this post. In other areas, our lives are progressing well! I've read in a blog or two that some people think it's annoying to post gushy commentaries about kids in a blog. Sorry to those that think that, but I have to gush. (Besides, I'm finally saying positive things, everyone should be joyous that I am gushy!) Hehe! Lately, perhaps because of the pharmaceutically enhanced life I am leading, or perhaps because it's Springtime in Charleston, I have just been tickled by my children and their intelligence and charm! A few weeks ago we were visiting with friends at a park. A Mama had her 9 month old with her. The baby had very baby-fine white/blond hair. Philip was looking at him and he just couldn't contain his comment: "He looks like he came straight from the sunshine!" It was such a SWEET moment! Another Philip moment just makes me fully aware of how grown-up he is becoming. We were standing in our driveway and I noticed how tall he is now. I mentioned to him, as I often do, that I never gave him permission to keep growing up and that he needed to stop. He held back his usual comment, of "this is what's supposed to happen Mom," and instead listened to me tell him how proud I am of who he is and all he's made of. Promptly, tears welled up in my eyes, Ed came out the door asking Philip if he was ready to go fishing, and Philip says "Yeah, Mom is getting overwhelmed, we need to get going!" Hehe! The little guys are doing well also. We got a hand-me-down swing set that they've been enjoying for about a week now . I have always wanted a swing set for them and am very grateful that we finally have one. I don't know what happened to flip the switch around here, but it suddenly seems that we have everything we need here in Charleston. I finally joined the one homeschooling support group in this town that has kids Philip's age! I had been told about it since I moved here and for some reason, didn't join. I cannot explain that to anyone, least of all myself, but it's OK. We're members now and there is a weekly park day and my family gets along with everyone that was there last week. There's also a Mom's Night Out Planned for this coming Tuesday, with the same group. Ed just happens to be off, thank goodness! And, I'm back in touch with my Dad's sister and her husband, who live just about 20-30 minutes down the road from us. When I posted on Facebook that I wished I had an inexpensive babysitter, she called me right away and offered to help out! We are meeting for dinner with them next week. Isn't it wonderful? Maybe the boys and Ed & I needed some time as a family, time to enjoy each other and time to find the balance in the loss of proximity to our long-time friends and in settling in to a new and different way of life. I know things happen for a reason and that it's all so that we grow and learn. I can say that's definitely happened in the time since we've moved here. I don't know why it took this long for me to let things start flowing smoothly; I'm just glad they finally are smooth and that Spring has sprung and we're all happy and healthy! And that I can have Lowcountry friends and still keep all my other friends! Somehow I couldn't reconcile that before. I think I love Zoloft. ;)

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Hannah said...

YAY! I'm happy for you!

(And that was NOT annoying. I think I might be guilty of one of those remarks and I just meant it in the context of ONLY talking about their perfect moments and never acknowledging the other.)

I'm totally going to check out that coupon website you recommended. I've never been very successful with coupons before.