Monday, July 30, 2007

Beginning to Get Excited!

We spent the whole day at the beach yesterday, on Kiawah Island. It was incredible! We got there while the tide was still very low and we got to play in the "non-breaking" waves, as Tyler calls them for quite some time. This is the first time I've spent the day at the beach and didn't end up upset about not being able to go in the water. See, usually I have to stay right on the shore with one kid or another who doesn't want to go in. This year, Tyler had a swimming suit with a built in float. Plus, lots of swimming lessons that obviously he learned a lot from last summer. Evan always follows Tyler's lead, so the whole family was in the water all day. As Tyler repeatedly said, "it is awesome!" And it was. He floated on his back, even through the waves coming at him, he swam alone, and constantly told me to put him down if I tried to pick him up to give him a rest. He was working so hard with his tiny little body to swim to me or Philip and you would think he'd be totally worn out. Not this guy! We were in the water from about 1:30 to 6:30, only out to reapply sunscreen and drink water. As the tide started coming in, Philip rode a couple of good waves on his boogie board. Ed was happy to either swim or build sand castles with Evan. He also boogie boarded with Philip. I wish we could've spent the night, but really, it was a perfect day.
We visited a couple of subdivisions that Ed's been looking at on the Internet. Although much more expensive than where we are now, I think it's possible to get something we can all love. For those that may wonder why we are looking at housing, we are pretty sure Ed will be transferred to the Charleston area before next summer. He's wanted to live on the beach ever since he had to leave Miami in middle school, and I have too. I forgot how much I wanted to be near the ocean until yesterday. I have gotten myself very attached to my friends here (and in Spartanburg and Greenville) and I think I was blocking out how badly I wanted the beach for fear I would lose them. I think I'll be OK though. There are always e-mail, phones, blogs and day trips! And I think I also forgot how capable I am of finding groups that I can fit in with. I started a playgroup in Spartanburg, and found this wonderful group here in Columbia, so I'm sure I can do it again in Charleston!

My last worry-free dinner is calling for me. My husband goes back to work tomorrow. I don't know what I'll do without him home. He's taken care of everything for me since he's been on vacation. I am sure I'll be lost w/out him tomorrow. So, to distract myself I'm going ahead and jumping back into school, along with inviting friends over for a play date.

Wish us luck! On school, housing, etc.

Love, Tracee


Hannah said...

Wow, how fantastic that you got to spend the day at Kiawah. I love that place and would love to go back that day, although unfortunately it is no longer driving distance now that we're in Austin! I like the idea that we may have friends near the beach, though, in case we can ever make it back to visit ... :-)

Jenny said...

I've never been to Kiawah, but we'd love to meet you guys there sometime after you move! :)