Monday, July 16, 2007

Everything's OK :)

It is after 3 in the morning and I'm still awake. I was so afraid of my new nutrition plan, that after breakfast, approaching lunchtime, I took a long nap to avoid food! Of course, I woke up starving and the kids needed some attention. My fat, non-frgual butt took us all out to CiCi's pizza. I did eat some salad, so I felt good about that. I was feeling terrible about the pizza, cola, etc. Then I typed it all up in my food tracker and found out even with CiCi's and all I ate and drank, I didn't go over any of the ranges for calories, fat, etc. I'm not feeling half bad now!

I've got a great plan for our Music/Art co-op that I'm teaching tomorrow, all the kids went to bed at a descent time, and I took them to the bookstore after dinner. We had a good time too. We found a Pokemon book that was sort of an I Spy/ search and find. We all played with that for a while, then I read to Evan, and then we actually had enough money on the gift card leftover from Christmas and in my purse to get a "How to Draw Pokemon," and a Pokemon chapter book. Got home, got the kids to bed and finished a washcloth I'm making for a friend in exchange for babysitting (much nicer than racking up hours owed babysitting other kids, hehe!), and then started and finished a second washcloth. Oh, I finished the baby blanket for Andrew Jason yesterday. I am quite impressed with myself and my talents with yarn. :)

A few other things happening around here: Evan is completely potty-learned, except for night time. He is quite a character, loves to play with anyone who will play with him and is really fun to be around lately. Tyler is still enjoying playing with and organizing and re-organizing his Pokemon cards. I think so far, that's the best investment we've made as far as toys/games go for these kids. Philip's still into it also, and there are still very few fights over the cards, how to play, etc. Also, since majorly cleaning out the playroom, they are enjoying it much more frequently. This morning they were playing Star Wars, using the miniature ATAT's and everything. I love having that space ready and usable, and easy to clean with a home for all the different toys.

And lastly, Ed has started guitar lessons with Philip. The kid has quite a good ear and is picking up quickly, but just like with everything else, if you don't watch him, he's outta there, LOL. He'll practice what Ed has shown him, then he veers off and starts doing his own thing, to the point of even putting the guitar away as soon as Ed leaves for work, instead of finishing up his 20-30 "required" minutes. Oh well, I'm figuring we won't push him with this, since it is something he really enjoys and I'm sure he'll get into it more if we let him go at his own pace.

Well I'm off to try to sleep and then get up early enough to break out of this terrible sleep half the day, up half the night cycle I've gotten into!


Beth said...

Hey tracee...i wish we lived closer so that Matthew and Philip could trade Pokemon cards...that would be so neat! Sounds like you have gotten so good at your crocheting! Good for you! Mine is packed away somewhere..I'll probably take it up again in the cooler weather. And how cool that Ed is teaching Philip to play guitar..Matt wants lessons so badly but they are really expensive!

Jenny said...

We tried violin lessons for Claire a few years ago, but it didn't go well; she couldn't focus on it enough (ADD), and trying to get her to practice was just a nightmare! Maybe we'll try again sometime? Henry has a great ear for music and was able to pick out the notes by ear before he was 2...maybe we'll try him with some music lessons soon. We'll have to pay for them, though b/c we don't have any musicians in the family!