Friday, August 3, 2007

So Sickening

I am so angry right now. I normally don't watch the news. Now, you can call that naive, ignorant, whatever you want. The thing is, the news only ever reports terrible things, and they don't report it in a true journalistic style these days. When I was in college, I learned that in Journalism, you are not to slant the story with your own opinion, or words that are opinionated. You are only to report the facts. Just the facts, nothing more. OK, so that's why I don't watch the news, or read the paper. Besides just being upset at the way the news is given to us, it's just all so depressing.
So, this morning as I signed on to my computer, I decided to read about the bridge collapse story, simply because it is a terrible tragedy and I wanted to know the details and of course, friends have been talking about it. Nothing like not being able to comment on very popular events or news stories!
Here is a quote from the story:
'The search efforts were to continue even as authorities reviewed the safety record of the bridge, which had been designated "structurally deficient" as early as 1990.The eight-lane I-35W bridge, which carried 141,000 vehicles a day, was in the midst of mostly resurfacing repairs when it buckled during the Wednesday evening rush hour.Dozens of cars plunged into the river, some falling on top of one another. A school bus sat on the angled concrete."

What the Hell!!!! The freaking bridge has been designated structurally deficient since 1990? And they haven't done jack friggin crap about it yet? Don't you even think I don't know about budgeting and not being able to afford stuff, and people not wanting higher taxes! Don't you think I don't know how things work. But let me tell you something. My fat white butt, on the spiritual path that I'm on and all, would be seriously suing the whole city and all it's workers that decided they couldn't find the finances/time/employees, what the hell ever it was, if one of my family members had died or been injured in that collapse. What is it with people in charge not making things as safe for their charges as they possibly can? Are politics and money and all that other crap really worth the death of people? The grief and sorrow that their completely shocked and angry families have to deal with now? This seems to have been a totally preventable thing. We will wage an entire freakin war on the theory that we know who attacked and terrorized these glorious United States of America, but we won't prevent preventable deaths of it's same Glorious citizens!!?? Why do our State/County and other Governments not deem it mandatory to correct these fatal situations before they become fatal????? Why did this have to happen? And that's not one of those "oh why did God do this" questions, but a true query into Why In The HELL didn't anyone DO anything to stop this!!!!!! AND, while I'm at it, the same goes for the whole Flooding tragedy and the badly unkempt levees in Louisiana. And, you know this even happens where traffic lights need to be. Why do the authorities friggin wait til there is DEATH to do anything!? Why is that the standard that we accept??? Why do we accept it? WHY? What can we DO to change this? We are the People of these Cities/States/Counties, etc. If you're not ready to get up off your butt and do something, then you must be numb to everything. As for me, I am taking a stand and writing to whomever it is I need to write to in order to figure out how to stop "accidents" like this from every taking a family member, child, husband, or friend away from me. I wonder what's wrong in my town, in my mom's, in my in-laws towns that could cause their untimely death? How bout in your town? Maybe instead of not watching the news anymore, I will constantly monitor it, along with figuring out where all the accidents waiting to happen are around me. AAAARRRRRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

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Jenny said...

Ugh, I had heard about the bridge accident, but I had no idea about the "deficient" rating for the past 17 years. Gosh, I'm not even sure what to's just awful. :(